A. This is your club and your pool. Your behavior and language should not in any way spoil the pleasure of the other members.

B. For your safety and for the continued enjoyment of the pool by yourself and your fellow members, proper regard for these rules and their enforcement by the staff and board members is necessary.



1. Persons with a skin disease, sore or inflamed eye, any communicable disease, or nasal discharges will not be admitted into the pool. Persons with excessive sunburn, open blisters, or cuts are warned that these are likely to become infected and they should not use the pool.

2. Spitting, blowing of the nose, and the elimination of body waste into the pool are strictly prohibited.

3. Children that are diapered and/or not completely potty trained must be clothed in a manner that will eliminate contamination into the wading pool, i.e. must wear waterproof pants or swim diapers. Children that are diapered, wearing swim diapers, and/or not completely potty trained are never permitted in the main pool.

4. A child under 5 years old requires adult supervision in the restrooms.

5. No food or beverages are allowed in the pool or on the apron, except the hillside patio area.

6. No pets will be allowed within the Swim Club area.

7. Trash must be deposited in the receptacles.


1. Glass objects are prohibited inside the swim club enclosure.

2. Running and rough play, in or out of the water, are prohibited.

3. Children age 7 years or younger, non-swimmers of any age, and children of any age wearing Coast Guard approved PFD’s must be accompanied in the main pool by a responsible person age 16 or older (unless swimming proficiency has been documented by the lifeguard & the parent consent is on file).

4. Pool Accessories

(a) No personal floatation devices (PFD’s), rafts, tubes, snorkels, flippers, floaties, or any potentially dangerous objects allowed in the pool (with the exception of Coast Guard approved PFD’s and Board sponsored special events).

(b) Sponge balls, water guns, and pool toys are permitted at the discretion of the manager and/or lifeguards if the pool is not crowded and play is calm.

5. The following Diving Rules will be observed

(a) Only 1 person on diving board at a time.

(b) NO diving until previous diver has cleared the area

(c) Dive in a forward direction only, not from the side of the board.

(d) Divers must demonstrate adequate swimming capabilities, as determined by the lifeguard on duty.

6. Swimmers must clear the pool immediately when ordered by lifeguard or when the lifeguard leaves his/her station.

7. Smoking, including e-cigarettes is not permitted anywhere within, and no closer than 50 feet from, GBPSC. Please dispose of your butts in an appropriate container

8. Strollers, playpens, chairs and other furniture are not permitted on the pool apron, with the exception of the hillside patio area.

9. The fence surrounding the wading pool will be kept clear of towels, clothing, and items that tend to obstruct the staff’s vision.

10. Conversation with the club’s staff is restricted to official business. Please do not talk socially with the life guards on duty.

11. Use of the Wading Pool is restricted to children 7 years of age and under. A responsible adult must always be present inside the wading pool fence. Lifeguard supervision is NOT provided.

12. Insurance regulations prohibit alcohol consumption on the pool premises during normal swim club hours.

13. Persons using a picnic area must leave the area clean.

14. Only inflatable balls or sponge type balls are permitted in the play area.



1. Admission to club property is only permitted during the posted operating hours and when qualified lifeguards are on duty.

2. Members are required to provide a current photo annually for their file. Admission is only permissible when a photo is on file.

3. Admittance and continued use of the club will be denied to persons perceived to be under the influence.


1. Children age 10 yrs. and younger must be accompanied by an adult (16 yrs. of age and older). Children 11-16 years of age, who demonstrate swimming proficiency to the lifeguard and have written parental consent on file, may be admitted unaccompanied.

2. Members must complete the membership identification form.

3. Verification of membership will be conducted at the swim club entrance during each member visit.

4. Adults (age 16 and older) have priority use of the chaise lounges on weekends and holidays. Chairs may not be saved.


1. Members under 13 yrs of age may NOT bring any guests unless also accompanied by an adult member (16 yrs or older). Qualified members aged 13-15 may bring up to 2 guests ages 13 or older.

2. Members will be assessed a $5.00 admission fee for each guest. This applies to all non-members that enter the premises.

(a) A discount pack of 10 guest passes is available for a fee of $45.00.

3. Members must contact the Social Director to schedule private parties they wish to host at the swim club.

4. The member must accompany guests at all times. When the member leaves, the guest must also leave.

5. Members will be held responsible for all actions of their guests.

6. Guests over 18 will only be admitted as a guest a total of 8 times per season.


A. Responsibility of Staff

1. The operations of the pool and the enforcement of these regulations are the direct responsibility of the vice president-operations.

B. Authority of the Staff

1. Employees will enforce these regulations in a strict, but courteous and impartial manner.

2. Staff members are authorized by the Board (By-Laws, Article III, Section 7) to suspend the privileges of members or their guests for infractions of these regulations. Such suspensions will be filed.

3. Employees may close the pool or postpone the opening of the pool at any time in the interest of health or safety.

C. Responsibility of Members

1. Members are individually and collectively responsible for compliance of their household members and guests.

2. The GBP Swim Club is not responsible for loss of personal property or any personal injuries.

3. Members are financially responsible for property damage caused by them, their household members, or their guests.

4. Members are requested to report any infractions of these regulations to the Manager or to any one of the club’s Board Members.

5. The primary function of the staff is to provide for the safety and enjoyment of the members. Therefore, all members are expected to be courteous and respectful to the staff so that they may properly perform their duties. Members are requested to notify any Board Member of any unjust or unbecoming action of any employee.

6. All members agree not to use social media, in any form, to slander GBPSC or its members 7. Personal music is allowed at the discretion of manager/guards. Please be respectful of others.


A. Hours of operations shall be posted.

B. The pool may be closed due to inclement weather at the discretion of the manager on duty.

C. The club hours may be changed for special events approved by the Board. These hours will be posted in advance.

The Board of Directors may amend these rules and regulations at any time. Changes will be posted. Constructive suggestions for changes may be directed to any Board member.